Get Your Custom Drone/UAS Pilot Identification Card



DroneID Makes It Easy to Show Your UAS Registration

In December 2015, the FAA began requiring that all small “unmanned aerial systems” (more commonly known as drones, quadcopters, etc.) weighing more that .55 pounds be registered - even if used for hobby and recreational flying. As part of these requirements, drone pilots are required to provide their proof of registration on demand. DroneID makes this easy by including your FAA registration information on a high-quality easy-to-carry card, including access to your original FAA registration documentation!

High Quality Drone Pilot Identification Card

  • Full color high-resolution printing
  • High-quality durable plastic ID card
  • Customized for your specific photo and information
  • Registration number barcoded
  • Registration details encoded on magnetic strip
  • QR code link to your included DroneID verification page including your FAA UAS certificate

How Does DroneID Work?

In addition to being a super-cool high-quality ID card showing you are an FAA registered drone pilot, DroneID makes it easy to pull up your legally-required proof-of-registration whenever you need it!

1. Register with the FAA as a Drone Pilot

Registering with the FAA is easy and is required for legal flying. When you complete your registration with the FAA, you will be given a proof of registration document. Click here to go to the FAA UAS Registration Service.

2. Upload Your Proof of Registration When Ordering

When ordering your DroneID, upload a PDF or image of your FAA proof of registration. We save this to your personalized verification site for easy digital access from anywhere.

3. Scan the QR Code on the Back to Access Your Custom DroneID Verification Page

Each DroneID includes a custom verification page for accessing your proof of registration. Simply scan the QR code on the back of your DroneID with your smartphone to bring up your verification page including a digital copy of your proof of registration.

Does This Register Me as a Drone/UAS Pilot With The FAA?

DroneID is a supplemental identification for drone/UAS pilots not issued by a government entity. Purchasing a DroneID does NOT register you with the FAA. If you have not yet registered as a UAS pilot, click here to go to the FAA UAS Registration site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The DroneID Officially Recognized?

The DroneID is a supplemental identification card not issued by a government agency. It allows you to easily show you are a registered UAS pilot and to bring up your proof of registration via the included QR code. It should not by itself be considered an officially recognized proof of registration, though it does make it easier for you to access your official proof of registration provided you upload it when ordering your DroneID card.

Is the DroneID Acceptable Proof of Registration?

While the DroneID by itself does not constitute government-issued proof of registration, by attaching an image or PDF of your FAA-provided proof of registration from when you registered your drone, you can use the DroneID to access this proof. Per FAA guidelines, providing proof of registration electronically IS acceptable. See the FAA Registration FAQ for more info.

I Don’t Live In The United States. Can I Still Order?

DroneID is only available to ship in the United States at this time.

How Long Does It Take for my Drone ID to Arrive?

Your custom DroneID is typically printed within two business days and shipped out via USPS first-class mail. Arrival in about a week from ordering is typical though not guaranteed.

Who Do I Contact with a Question?

We are happy to answer any questions you might have! Email us at